Boatrocker Ramjet


2014 Ramjet barrel-aged imperial stout is the third in Boatrocker's recent raft of limited releases.  The Imperial Stout takes initial inspiration from the style's home by using all English ingredients. It then deviates a little from tradition in that it spent a couple of months inside former whisky barrels from the New World Distillery. The brewers reckon it adds "quite intense whisky and wood notes" to the beer, whereas we're plumping for the latter. We detect little in the way of whisky, instead there's lots of soft oak and tonnes of vanilla that lends the densely dark beer a creamy, almost liqueur chocolate like character. There's some cocoa powder and rummy dark fruits in there too. 

**Three-time People's Choice champion**

  • Style: Stout
  • Origin: Australia
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