James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale


We’d be drawing a rather long bow to claim that James Squire ever made a Golden Ale. Often thought of as an English-style summer brew, this type demands cold fermentation; requiring either the chill winters of Europe, or mechanical refrigeration – which didn’t exist in 18th century Australia. (In fact, tight up until the late 1800’s, even the Colony’s ice was imported: cut in blocks from the frozen lakes of North America, packed in straw in the empty holds of returning wool and grain clipper ships.). But had Mr. Squire ever met Mr. Westinghouse, he would’ve been shrewd enough to deduce: “Hmm…hot country…thirsty colonists…a lighter, more quenching ale style”. (Think ale taste, lager lightness). And Mr. Squire would almost certainly have employed the same quality and integrity as we do now in his name. That is, no less than four top-grade malts, a premium ale yeast and extended cold conditioning followed by timely transportation to hostelries at its most fresh.


Fresh toasted grains of barley and wheat give it a rich orange-amber colour, whilst new season Amarillo hops provide a tropical/stone fruit aroma and restrained, bitter finish. With a very approachable alcohol level, mild carbonation, firm head and dry, cracking finish this is an ideal thirst-slaking session beer.

  • Style: Golden Ale
  • Origin: Australia
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