Little Creatures Pilsner


Since the giant wooden doors opened for the first time at Little Creatures Brewerys Fremantle base, the popular pilsner has been on the bar alongside the nationally released Pale Ale and Rogers Beer. We like the idea of lager styles being crisp, clean and elegant as opposed to overly “meaty”, malty or sharp. This is a refreshing pilsner based on the classically structured European examples that use the finest Saaz hops and a patient fermentation regime. Little Creatures Pilsner was a gold medal winner in it’s first outing at the Australian International Beer Awards. For those who have to dig further, here are some brewers notes: Czech Saaz hops are added early in the boil with a late hopping using a hybrid variety we keep to ourselves, giving light flavour and a soft bitterness. Lightly kilned pilsner malt gives the beer both its light, slightly golden colour, and leaves a crisp clean taste on the palate.

  • Style: Pilsner
  • Origin: Australia
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