Little Creatures Rogers


Rogers’ Beer is an amazing beer, a bit like the quintessential diplomat, suitable for any occasion! When asked by liquor retailers under which category of beer they should place Rogers’ in the fridge, our response can be quite’s Aussie, it’s craft, it’s a little dark and it’s a little lighter on the alcohol content…Just like when Richard Gere asks Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Woman what her name is, Rogers’ can similarly be what ever you want it to be!

Rogers’ is a smooth drinking amber ale with an interesting mix of malts combined with the distinctive Little Creatures hop character. The careful balance of caramel flavours from the malt and that unique, slightly floral character from the whole hop flowers gives Rogers’ Beer an easy going attitude and at 3.8% alc/vol. there’s no problems knocking back a few after mowing the lawn.

To work out a bit more about what hops and malt actually are, click on the little fellas to the left…

Calling a beer Rogers’ doesn’t happen easily…you need a reason in the first place, consensus that this not a silly thing to do…and finally, such an extraordinarily good beer to make the name thing seem not that important anyway.

  • Style: Amber Ale
  • Origin: Australia
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