Mildura Desert


Our flagship beer, this premium golden brew is designed for the true lager lover. Before the Mildura Brewery was commissioned, we realised the local demand for refined Australian style premium lagers. It was decided to attempt to perfect the style of the great Aussie amber fluid. Desert Premium Lager is produced from all Australian pale pilsener malts, a blend of barley varieties from three states, and malted in Victoria. For a touch of class and more up-market appeal, we incorporate two New Zealand hop varieties; the Super Alpha is rich in bittering compounds, and Southern Cross has great classic draught beer flavours and a refreshing hint of sweet floral sandalwood aromas. Using cool fermentation and extended cold storage, we have created a refreshing and cleansing beer, suitable for all drinkers. The medium to full body of the beer is balanced by moderate bitterness and hop character. The finish is thirst quenching, but more-ish, and it makes a great all-day beer. Mildura, with its meagre rainfall and long summers, is the ideal environment for a crisp refreshing draught. Desert Premium Lager is the obvious choice for the parched farmers and thirsty travellers, and we expect it to go down a treat Australia-wide.

  • Style: Lager
  • Origin: Australia
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