Mildura Mallee Bull


The brewers’ choice, every brewery has one. Ours is a heavier style ale, brewed with Carapils, chocolate and roast malt. This gives the beer its nutty and toffee flavour, and its deep amber to copper colour. With so much malt in the recipe, the yeast works up a roaring fermentation, which we allow to warm itself up to ale fermenting temperatures. This results in a rounded, complex aroma with hints of fruit. East Kent Goldings hops are infused at the end of boil. They are a quite floral and grassy smelling variety which suits the image of this beer. East Kent Goldings hops are the brewer’s favourite, they remind him of mowed lawn or pasture. The body and mouth-feel of this beer can best be described as full-on, with a lingering malt-driven finish. We always suggest it with meaty or game dishes. Mallee Bull is naturally the strongest beer in our range at 5.6%, so take the bull by the horns and watch out, it kicks!

  • Style: Amber Ale
  • Origin: Australia
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