Rohozec Skalak 12


Rohozec Brewery, established in 1850, is situated 100km northeast of Prague in the Czech Republic. It is an area of natural beauty, with castles, chateaus and traditional craftwork. It has been known as the Bohemian (Czech) Paradise since the 19th Century. This region is also renowned for producing great beers including SKALAK Premium Lager.

Only the finest ingredients are used to make Skalak Premium Lager. Three basic raw ingredients are used to make the beer: water, malt and hops. The brewery uses pristine water produced from springs in the local valley. The malt used is the Bohemian Pilsner type purchased from local malt houses and the hops are the famous Zatec (Saaz) red, giving Rohozec beers their characteristic pleasant bitterness. Beer in Rohozec brewery is made using the classic methods of our forefathers when they established the brewery. The methods used to filter and draw the beer at the final stage combine the traditional classic way with the modern trends.
  • Style: Lager
  • Origin: Australia
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