Temple Pale Ale


Temple Pale Ale is a distinctive and aromatic full flavoured ale, displaying a rich malt character which is derived from a blend of five imported and domestic malts, including the famous Maris Otter one of the few malts still produced using the traditional floor malting method, a process that produces the richest malt profile.

This is balanced by an assertive yet clean bitterness that evolves to a refreshingly crisp, dry finish.
The signature of Temple Pale Ale is the unique blend of five distinctive hops including Magnum, Crystal, Amarillo and two different varieties of Cascade flowers. These combine harmoniously to deliver a spicy, floral citrus accent that lends a characteristic depth and complexity to both the flavour and aroma. This is achieved in part by using a hop back where the hot wort is passed through a bed of fresh hop flowers before being cooled rapidly to capture the fresh hop flavour and aroma.

Temple Pale Ale is bottle conditioned to produce a natural carbonation. It should be served by pouring carefully into a glass, leaving the lees undisturbed in the bottle. At 5% ABV, its perfect to enjoy on its own or paired with your favourite dish.

  • Style: Pale Ale
  • Origin: Australia
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