Beer Here Jule IPA


Jule IPA means “Christmas IPA” and it is a beer that significantly stands out from other Scandinavian Christmas beers. Instead it has its root in the American tradition of strong hoppy India Pale Ale and is thus a refreshing

alternative to the sweet and spicy Christmas beer.

Jule IPA is brewed with pale malt varieties that serve merely as a balancing element for the intense hop profile.

The hops are American Columbus hops and German Hallertau Hersbrucker spent both in the kettle and as

dryhops. The Christmas spirit comes from a discreet addition of Curacao orange peel.

The result is a fresh, golden beer with a simple, slightly sweet malt profile that is quickly taken over by a

cornucopia of savory, citral and fruity aromas. The end is dry and relatively bitter, which underpins the beer’s

redreshing qualities.

In the kitchen, beer will be a balancing element in relation to many of the traditional Danish

Christmas dishes that practically cries out for something bitter and thirst quenching to

contrast the bold, sweet and sometimes spicy Christmas food.

  • Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Origin: Denmark
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