Bornem Dubbel


A ‘living’ abbey beer with 8 % alcohol by volume. This means that after the primary fermentation in the keg, the beer also continues to evolve during the second fermentation in the bottle or in the keg after packaging. This typical double with its warm dark brown color and bordeaux red undertones, has a fruity flavor that immediately makes you think of grains. You’ll also find a hoppy aftertaste in this velvety soft beer. Its creamy, rich and robust head crowns this jewel of a beer. Few other dark doubles can rival this Bornem Dubbel. A ‘double’ means that the brewer uses twice as much malt as for a regular beer. That gives this beer its full round and rich flavor. It is said that the monks ate or drank nothing other than their Dubbel during Lent. So you can survive very well on this special beer. Delicious.