Bornem Trippel


A ‘living’ abbey beer with 9 % alcohol by volume. This means that after the primary fermentation in the keg, the beer also continues to evolve during the second fermentation in the bottle or in the keg after packaging. Abbey triples are usually blond or light amber in color. That is a centuries-old tradition. The Bornem Tripel is a party beer, hoppy and full of flavor, soft in the mouth, with an outstanding sweet-bitter balance, a pleasant aroma and a good head. And finally, it leaves a long aftertaste to enjoy to the fullest. A ‘triple’ means that the brewer uses three times as much malt in the brew kettle as for a regular beer. A Triple used to be reserved for the Bishop or for Father Abbot. And you can bet they knew a good thing when they tasted it.

  • Style: Tripel
  • Origin: Belgium
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