De Koninck Amber 330ml


Established in 1833 De Koninck is the only brewery in the famous city of Antwerp, it is the name of the brewery and also the name of its main product. De Koninck is Antwerp’s everyday beer. No other city in Belgium has such a close relationship with its local beer and no other city in Belgium has such a speciality beer to call its own. The De Koninck brewery has been renovated, expanded and modernised several times over the years but the pride, passion and craftmanship of the original brewmasters has not been affected. Today, five generations later, the Van den Bogaert family maintain this noble tradition. De Koninck’s beers can be found all over the world. There is the original beer De Koninck (5% alcohol) and its two younger, stronger brothers Triple De Koninck (8% alcohol) and De Koninck blond (6% alcohol). All are brewed and bottled on the banks of the River Schelde. All our beers are full bodied top fermenting ales with velvety smooth flavours. All our beers are brewed using only natural and top quality ingredients. The best malt, the finest hops, the unique yeast and crystal clear water combined with our brewing expertise to create widely aclaimed and loved beers.

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