Deus Brut Flanders


DeuS Les Brut de Flanders is brewed in Belgium at a brewery founded in 1791 that has been in the same family for six generations.

Most Belgian beers are properly served at cellar temperature, on the cold side, but DeuS is designed to be served ice-cold. Colder temperatures reduce the volatility when it's uncorked, but most importantly, they add a distinct crispness. Bosteels recommends initial refrigeration at thirty-nine to forty-one degrees or colder, for six to twelve hours, followed by an ice bath for at least ten minutes, or a chill in the freezer for twenty to thirty minutes, before it's served. A fluted champagne glass is ideal for serving. The beer pours with an intense foam that rocks up and easily overflows the glass. Miniscule champagne-like bubbles emanate from the bottom and sides of the glass as the beer emits a rousing aroma of refined malt, yeast and a hint of undisclosed spices. The nose hints of citrus, peaches and what I believe are anise and fennel. Patience is required as the beer settles. The first sip reveals its fragile malt underpinnings, warming 11.5 percent alcohol center and dancing complexity of yeast-contributed fruity character and an enticing earthy/mustiness that points back, at least figuratively, to its underground maturation. By design, its easy to confuse with a champagne, but the beer wins in the end, primarily because of the its telltale bitterness, which lingers after the swallow and fades into a long and dry, almost cleansing finish. Dom Perignon meets Duvel. WAS $64.99…..

  • Style: Belgian Strong Ale
  • Origin: Belgium
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