Samuel Smith Imperial Stout


Russian imperial stouts were originally brewed in Great Britain to satisfy the Czarist courts, who were great connoisseurs of Champagne, caviar and the art of the table. Because it was transported across the freezing Baltic, Russian imperial stouts were brewed with a high level of alcohol.

Sam Smiths describes its Imperial Stout as an ideal digestif, the perfect replacement for Cognac. It even recommends serving it in a brandy balloon and suggests it could accompany Stilton and walnuts, chocolate Baked Alaska, caviar and baked sultana and lemon cheesecake! It will not be overpowered by any dish, with its highly complex roast barley aroma, a flavour of burnt dark raisin and sultana fruit and deceptively smooth cappuccino finish.

  • Style: Stout
  • Origin: United Kingdom
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