Clausthaler Alc/Free


Like all beers in Germany, non-alcoholic brews and reduced-alcohol beers are brewed with only water, barley (malt) and hops in strict accordance with the German Beer Purity Decree of 1516. Of course, we know today that yeast is also a necessary and important ingredient, but in 1516, the importance of yeast was not yet understood. Other malt types, most importantly wheat, are now also allowed, but only for top-fermented beers (ales). Is Clausthaler completely alcohol-free? No, in spite of or because of, all our knowledge and all our technical proficiency, we know that a minimal quantity of alcohol must be produced to create a good tasting non-alcoholic malt beverage. The alcohol content of Clausthaler is 0.45 (or 0.25 for Clausthaler Radler Lemon) % vol, which lies below the 0.5 % vol maximum alcohol content specified in the statutes as the definition of "non-alcoholic", "dealcoholized", or "alcohol-removed". In Great Britain, the term "alcohol-free" may only be used for products with not more than 0.05 % vol detectable alcohol content.