Kellybrook Chapagne Cider


This is the 32nd vintage of this famous sparkling cider. We make it using the same traditional hand-finished Methode Champenoise which we apply to our Pinot Noir-Chardonnay sparkling wine, but we do it with apples. It is left on yeast lees for approximately 12 months prior to release. Yeasty aroma (just like champagne) with overripe apples, mustiness and faint urine in the background. Quite dry, again a lot like champagne. Slight bitterness, mild acidity and a nice carbonic, tangy finish. Nicely balanced with enough sweetness and acidity. It has great fresh fruit character, crisp acidity, subtle yeast complexity and a bright, clean sparkling finish. Its lower alcohol (9%) is a bonus for parties and picnics.!

  • Style: Cider
  • Origin: Australia
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