Westons Perry Pear Cider


Make no mistake that when one talks of Pear cider (perry to be precise) it should only come from Perry Pears as CAMRA defines perry and pear cider as quite different drinks, stating that “pear cider” as made by the large industrial cidermakers is merely a pear-flavoured drink, or more specifically a cider-style drink flavoured with pear concentrate, whereas “perry” should be made by traditional methods from perry pears only.

Perry pears often have higher levels of sugar than cider apples and other pear varieties, including unfermentable sugars such as sorbitol, which can give the finished drink a residual sweetness. They also have a very different tannin content to cider apples, with a predominance of astringent over bitter flavours.

Perry from Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire made from traditional recipes now forms a European Union Protected Geographical Indication.

Weston’s Perry offers a tingling, sparkling, fresh fruity medium dry flavour.

Chilled, this exceptional Perry may be served on its own or as the perfect accompaniment to food.

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