Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon


Michter’s, America’s first whiskey company (known at times as Schenk’s and as Bomberger’s), dates back to 1753 when a farmer in Pennsylvania’s Blue Mountain Valley distilled his first batch of whiskey from hardy rye. At one point a Master Distiller left his family’s well-known distillery to join Michter’s so he could be at a smaller, less cost-conscious company where he could make the finest whiskey, cost be damned. They now continue this grand distilling tradition in Kentucky by never releasing their whiskeys until both the Master Distiller Willie Pratt and their panel of whiskey tasters deem them ready. At Michter’s they produce single barrel ryes, very small batch unblended American whiskey, very small batch bourbon, and single barrel bourbon. The result is a surprisingly smooth and slightly sweet bourbon – a drink that will satisfy both bourbon and Scotch lovers. Michter’s Small Batch has a rich amber hue, and a whiff will give you hints of caramel, vanilla and oak. The taste is the best part – full and robust, but smooth and slightly smokey. Tastes of spices, corn, apricots and oak emerge, along with a surprising sweetness. Please note: Batch number will vary to image shown.

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