Delord Armanac VSOP


Bas Armagnac, lying to the sandier west of the Armagnac region, is where the Armagnacs are fuller but more supple with a scent of prunes or plums when a little of the spirit is rubbed in the hands. It is named for its lower altitude, rather than lower quality. In the Western part, Sablo-Limoneux is mostly sand, and makes acidic wine. Sablo-Fauves is rich in ferrous minerals that contribute to both colour and flavour in the wines. The Eastern part of Bas-Armagnac has boulbène, a heavy topsoil that covers subsoil of clay and sand. Bas Armagnac is one of the very few places where sandy soil is considered desirable. In fact, Armagnac from the Bas region is considered to have the most finesse, also tending to yield spirits that are very supple in their youth. Plantings are mostly Bacco and Ugni Blanc.


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