Pisco Campanario 35


 A delicious Chilean Pisco, new to the Australian market. Pisco is an oak matured grape spirit, which up until maturation is similar to Brandy. Brandies (including Armagnac/Cognac) are traditionally matured for long periods in French oak, whereas Pisco is usually matured for short periods, similar to Tequila which reduces the need for stringent oak selection. A wide selection of grape varieties can create the wine prior to distilling. These can include – but are not limited to: Muscat, Frontignac, Pedro Ximénez and Torontel. Each producer has their own specific, and distinctive blend, which may vary slightly from vintage to vintage.

Serve chilled in a tall glass over ice, or mix with cola, tonic, soda or cider. Pisco is the basis of the very simple, yet classic cocktail, which is perfect for these warm summer evenings the Pisco Sour.

  • Style: Brandy
  • Origin: Chile

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