Forty Spotted Gin


Lark Distillery believe that some of the greatest things in life are yet to be discovered. That’s why we matched traditional gin botanicals with a rare Tasmanian native spice to create a refined and elegant gin that is unlike any other. Forty Spotted is hand distilled in small copper pot stills. We favour the steeping method of gin production and use the traditional botanicals of juniper berry, coriander and lemon peel to create a traditional London Dry style, but incorporate something a little bit special to give our gin its unique finish.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Crystal clear.

Nose: Highly aromatic, fresh grated pepper on a floral bed of herbs and spices underpinning the delightful juniper notes.

Taste: Rose petals and spicy juniper combined with a dry, clean and fresh spirit. Excitingly complex. A spirit to even enjoy on its own.

Finish: Lemon peel dryness, warming to a slightly sweet lingering note of complementary herbs and spices

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