Martin Millers Westbourne

$119.99Single (700ml Bottle x 1)

Call Martin Millers quest for a uniquely extravagant, modern London dry gin a success. The author of Millers Antique Price Guide could not find a gin on the market to satisfy his discerning tastes, so like any endeavoring connoisseur, he set out to create his own. For Miller, finding the perfect gin became a fixation, “born of love, obsession and some degree of madness,” one that led to one of the newer, luxurious premium spirits tagged with the Englishmans name,

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: United Kingdom

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Rare it is that a gin goes above 80 proof and it is even rarer that the quality can be maintained at a higher proof. Whiskies can pull it off but other spirits are touchier, yet Martin Miller has pulled off a successful high-proof gin and it is one that any gin lover will appreciate. The spirit is Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength London Dry Gin and although it’s quite a mouthful it falls right in line with the original 80 proof Martin Miller’s, just 5% stronger. Yet, that little bit extra has brought out a few distinct characteristics of gin that are superb.

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Single (700ml Bottle x 1)

OriginUnited Kingdom