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The first two processes for the production of BLUE GIN are already extraordinary. The valuable raw material is distilled in small copper pots of 300 litres producing the first raw distillate with 40% by vol. alcohol. The so-called pot still method is considered one of the gentlest methods, since no overheating takes place. The wheat variety “Mulan”, which grows and is harvested on upper-Austrian fields, is used as basic raw material for the production of BLUE GIN. The second distillation (rectification) produces a distillate with 84% by vol. alcohol, which actually fulfils all requirements of the high quality for BLUE GIN.

During maceration under ideal conditions the aromas are carefully extracted and authentically conserved in the fine grain alcohol. After approximately two to three days the composition of grain alcohol and botanicals undergoes a third gentle distillation again following the pot still method in which the solid components of the botanicals are separated from the alcohol. During this distillation the otherwise volatile aromas and the grain alcohol are concentrated to produce the high-proof preliminary stage of BLUE GIN.

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Reisetbauer Blue Gin