Capovilla Rhum Rhum Liberation 2015


Rhum Rhum is an amazing project and an unbelievably good Rhum born out of the collaboration between Luca Gargano of the Velier importing company, Vittorio Capovilla master distiller, and the Bielle distillery located on Marie-Galante, a small very rural island just off the coast of Guadaloupe.
The quality of this Rhum Agricole is beyond belief, and is the direct result of the painstaking care that is taken to ensure a product of the highest quality possible. Amongst the secrets of the unique Rhums that carry the “Rhum Rhum” label are the use of the best sugar cane known, the almost mythical Canne rouge B47.259, an almost unheard of five days of fermentation of its juices, and the alambics used for the double distillation procedure, specifically designed by Capovilla and made by a the German artisan Muller. The Rhum Rhum is perfumed and deep, with hints of orange peel, caramel and nuts, while the Liberation, aged in used French oak barriques that once stored famous French wines such as Chateau d’Yquem is a much softer, richer incredibly complex spirit, that will remind you of vanilla, cinnamon, white chocolate, sweet spices and herbs and will linger impressively for minutes.

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