Mocambo Art Edition 20 YO


Smoothly distilled and aged in the shadow of wooden barrels

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Mexico

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In a special edition, Licores Veracruz has created this line of Premium 20 years Rum with fine character and smooth mature taste. It is aged and selected by experts in old European white oak barrels. Noble origin and knowledge of time give a unique character to its aroma and flavour. Bottling this rum with specific lot numbers per barrel, the product is distinguished as singular and incomparable. Our Art Edition is a tribute to old prehispanic techniques, combined with an aged rum of taste and character that only the nobleness of origin and the taste of the times can give us. The vision of the artist Victor Fernández to adorn this splendid rum with natural fibres reflects old Mexican handicrafts in modern art. This distillate is a product carefully selected. It is extra fine and pleasant, created for connoisseurs.