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Plantation Pineapple Rum Stiggins Fancy was created by Alexandre Gabriel, cellar master Plantation and David Wondrich, author of the book Imbibe! It is a tribute to the esteemed Reverend Stiggins whose favourite drink was the “pineapple rum” in the Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens. Not intended for sale, the rum was created to share among colleagues and friends at Tales of the Cocktail 2014. “Victim” of its own success, it is now available in the United States. The manufacturing process of Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Pineapple is complex and only a limited number of bottles released each year.
Pineapple flavoured rum was exceedingly popular during Dickensian England. However, the tradition all but disappeared for the best part of two centuries until Maison Ferrand and Alexandre Gabriel partnered with spirits historian David Wondrich to create Plantation Pineapple Rum Stiggins’ Fancy in 2014. Steeped in history and bursting with flavour, the rum is based on a recipe from 1824. The one-off release was so popular, Plantation announced the rum would be available every year, and in 2015 it has hit Australian shores courtesy of My Bottle Shop. Naturally flavoured with no artificial ingredients, this is a nuanced

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Plantation Pineapple Infused Original Dark Rum