Skyy 90

$51.99Single (700ml Bottle x 1)

Ultra premium vodka designed for the modern martini

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Clearly marketed towards the discerning drinker, Skyy 90 is making a bold play to be the vodka of the modern martini. In conjunction with the evolution of the Vodka Martini itself, Skyy vodka has endeavored to create a product that will be similarly transcendent in style, taste, and most notably, distillation technology. After a decade’s worth of research and a considerable architectural undertaking, Skyy 90 is the first vodka to be produced from an innovative $25 million site. From this state of the art facility, Skyy vodka has produced the first ever vodka to be distilled to 200 proof, thereby eliminating all of the unsavory by-products associated with the production of vodka. After the distillation, Skyy 90 is then blended with water from the Sienna Mountains to a more reasonable 90 proof equivocal to 45% alcohol by volume. Though you may have noted the additional 5% alcoholic volume compared with traditional Skyy vodka, rest assured that the smooth finish and clean taste that are the trademarks of Skyy Vodkas remain intact. Skyy 90 boasts an unusual new bottle that reinforces the concepts of modernity and luxury, both of which are echoed in the shiny, new, internally computerized factory from which this vodka pours. In an attempt to be the crowning jewel in the evolution of the modern martini, Skyy 90 possesses a smooth and luxurious taste profile. By using only the finest ingredients and innovative production methods, Skyy 90 is recognized as a superior tasting and award winning vodka. The luxurious taste of Skyy 90 has earned recent honors including a 100-point rating from Wine Enthusiast, Gold medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and 5 star

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Single (700ml Bottle x 1)