Doubs Mystique Absinthe


Doubs Mystique is a superb ultra-premium absinthe distilled in century old alambics in Pontarlier, in the heart of the Doubs region of eastern France, the historical home of absinthe

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: South Africa

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Our aim in formulating and distilling Doubs Mystique Carte d’or was simple: we wanted to make, absolutely without regard to cost or technical difficulties, the finest, most complex, most delicious absinthe possible. How well we’ve succeeded will be up to you to judge, but the feedback we’ve received from some of the most expert and demanding connoisseurs has been nothing short of outstanding. Doubs Mystique is not, unlike our Roquette 1797, an historical-recreation absinthe. It’s a modern absinthe, to please the modern palate, although one that pays homage to the recipes and methods of the past. No other modern absinthe has as extensive a herb bill – the secret, we believe, of Mystique’s richness, smoothness and remarkable complexity of aroma and flavour. All the herbs – including of course the grande absinthe – that could be sourced from the Pontarlier region were sourced locally. Enormous effort was expended on herb selection, and preparation. The youngest distillations in the final blend are at least 6 months old, the oldest more than a year old, and this balance will be maintained in future production. At the recent International Wine & Spirits Competition, our Doubs Mystique won the GOLD MEDAL and BEST IN CLASS – the only absinthe, out of dozens of entries, to be so honoured. The IWSC is the oldest, largest and most respected competition of its kind, and we’re thrilled to have received this immensely prestigious award.