Liquore Strega


The liqueur Strega is produced from the distillation of approximately 70 grass and spices. The color yellow derive from the added of saffron in the alcoholic infusion. It can be drunk pure or with ice.

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Italy

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Eyes:Strega is a bright yellow, nearly fluorescent yellow. It is saffron that gives it this color. Swirling the liquor in a glass shows it to be a nearly viscous syrup.Nose: Strong, very medicinal.Taste: Let it be said that Strega is a very complex drink. It starts sweet from the sugar, but then it becomes very bitter from the herbal components. Not herbal in an Absinthe sense, but more in a robituseen sans-codeine sense. The tail end of drink finishes with a strong liquorice flavor, most likely coming from the fennel.