Loiten Linie


Norway’s most famous aquavit

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Norway

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Loitens Linie is Norway’s most famous aquavit and is based on the classic recipe used by the distillers at Loiten Braenderi. Norwegian aquavit differs from other Nordic and German aquavit, mainly because it is matured in oak casks. The process starts with the import of oak casks previously used in the production of Oloroso sherry in Spain. These casks give Norwegian aquavits their golden colour and hints of sherry and vanilla notes. Today, traditional aquavits such as Loitens Linie are made in exactly the same way as they were more than a century ago when they were produced and sold by the original distilleries. Loitens Linie aquavit is the largest brand of Linie aquavit. Particular to the Norwegian tradition of aquavit production is the occurrence of Linie aquavits. These have been carried in oak casks onboard ships crossing the equator (“Linie”) twice before it is sold. This means that Linie aquavit is shipped from Norway to Australia and back. While many experts claim that this tradition is little more than a gimmick, some argue that the moving seas and frequent temperature changes cause the spirit to extract more flavour from the casks. Norwegian aquavit distillers Arcus has carried out a scientific test where they tried to emulate the rocking of the casks aboard the “Linie” ships while the casks were subjected to the weather elements as they would aboard the same ship. The finished product was according to Arcus far from the taste that a proper “Linie” aquavit should have, thus the tradition of shipping the akvavit casks past the “Linie” and back continues. Loitens Linie is a classic sherry matured aquavit whose unique maturing process results in an elegent spirit with a concentrated flavour and a long aftertaste. This aquavit is an an ideal accompaniment to salted and smoked meat or traditional Christmas food. Serve at room temperature. With a pleasant, soft mouthfeel, this aquavit carried notes of orange, dill and vanilla.