Pisco Mistral 40


n the nose it has strong notes of walnut, dry leaves and threads of tea The palate displays walnuts, dried fruit, combined with a pleasant vegetable tone reminding aromas of blackberries. Intense and well structured in the mouth, unctuous with long lasting finish. This Pisco is 40% Alc./Vol.

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Chilean Pisco is a distillate mainly of grapes from the Moscatel family, which are grown primarily in the semi-arid “little North” zone of Chile. Chile claims Pisco as its own, protecting its quality through strict adherence to regulations which permit production and processing only in the administrative regions of Coquimbo and Atacama.

This reservado is aged in American oak barrels giving the product an amber color and a soft wood flavour and aroma. The main grape varieties used are Pedro Ximénez and Muscat of Alexandria. Expect delicate notes of vanilla and chocolate. Enjoy on the rocks, with lemon or fruit juice or in your favourite cocktail. 40%Alc/Vol