Teichenne Absinthe Gift Pack



  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Spain

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I obtained a bottle of Teichenné from Elixirs, who procured it as a favor. This green liquor is 70% alcohol, and is packaged in a 50cL clear glass bottle. The labeling exhibits a graphic of dancing women in hoop skirts (in Moulin Rouge fashion), with a glass of absinthe in the foreground. The screened labeling doesn’t reveal much other than the maker, which is located in Tarragona, Spain. Upon removing the cap, one senses a strong scent of heat and anise, followed by a very subtle oily texture. The color is a typical emerald green. Upon tasting the liquor neat, the first flavor is very strange and fleeting, and perhaps can best be described as industrial and rubbery in taste. Immediately following this weird element is a wallop of spicy anise. Upon the addition of cold water, the liquor louches heavily, and sheds its emerald tint to a pronounced yellowish green. The diluted liquor yields a slightly more lengthy exposure to the conspicuous ‘industrial rubber’ flavor, followed by the somewhat oily anise texture and not much else. In conclusion, this product is a ‘middle of the road’ Spanish-style absinthe with very simple flavor (after one gets past the ‘rubber’) and not much else to report.