Don Julio Blanco


Crisp and clean ultra-premium tequila

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Mexico

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Don Julio founded his own distillery in 1942 and since then has aspired to produce Mexico’s finest handcrafted tequilas by perfecting traditional methods.The agave cultivated to produce Don Julio’s tequilas requires seven to ten years to reach full maturity. Following traditional methods, the agave is slowly cooked in masonary ovens to obtain a juice that is subsequently fermented and double distilled. Heritage, tradition and over 60 years of experience result in a range of tequilas with a smooth, consistent and distinguished taste. Don Julio Blanco has pure and fresh agave aromas and a crisp, clean flavour that ends with a light finish and a touch of black pepper. Serve over crushed with a squeeze of fresh lime or as the base of the ultimate margarita.