Debowa Oak Vodka


Multi-award winning, oak infused vodka

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Poland

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Debowa Oak Vodka is an outstanding vodka that is the result of a most unique formula crafted throughout the ages. Combining only the best natural ingredients and a centuries old traditional distillation method, a wonderful blend of vodka has been created. Debowa Oak Vodka is produced using the best Polish grain spirit, Black Elder flowers, oak wood (of which a sliver is placed in every bottle) and crystal clear artesian water. The specially prepared oak provides the characteristic color and one-of-a-kind oak taste to Debowa Oak Vodka. Debowe Oak Vodka is an aristocrat among the Polish Vodkas and has won many awards, the most recent of which is the prized “Good Because Polish” award, which is only awarded to the finest natural products in Poland. Enjoy Debowe Oak Vodka ice cold or at room temp, straight up.