Kauffman Planets on Parade


Exclusive bread and honey limited edition vodka

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Russia

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Just as Kauffman Luxury Special Selected Vintage is also made from the highest quality wheat of one single harvest only in the years when the finest wheat grains are identified and bottled only once per vintage (5000 cases). Special Selected Vintage contains feint infusion honey, natural extracts of schizandra, and finest high strength spirit and purest water.Tasting notes: The taste is soft, inherent to a honey-based vodka, with barely perceptible hints of anise and licorice. Notwithstanding the finer points that differ Kauffman Luxury from Kauffman Special Selected there is one key to Kauffman Vodka that unites both lines in one Kauffman Vodka family – that is HIGH QUALITY and the attention to detail throughout the process which is proved by numerous awards and leading position amongst premium vodkas on the international and Russian markets.