Kauffman Soft Vodka


The Kauffman Vodka bottles are of a unique design and are made at the Saint Gobaine facility in France, the bottles themselves are made to the equivalent quality of perfume glass. It is an incredibly elegant, soft, subtle and delicate drink with faint perceptible scent of roasted rye bread crust and a light pleasant taste of mint.

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Russia

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The Ultra-Premiun Kauffmann Vodka brand was lauched in 2000 and is unusual for vodka as it is a Vintage product. Kauffman is the leading and most highly awarded of all the ultra-premium vodkas. The innovative approach to producing the only vintage vodka in the world involves using natural ingredients from a particular year, producing spirit and vodka itself at the same distillery at the same time and in limited quantity and monitoring every stage of the process. The wheat of one single harvest is used only in the years when the finest wheat grains are identified, choice of regions varies from year to year depending on the quality of wheat production.