Medos Honey Vodka


Traditional Polish honey vodka

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Poland

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Medos is a unique Polish honey Vodka with root extracts for a bit of spice.The recipe is from south east Poland where honey liqueurs have been long established traditional drinks with roots back to the 1300’s. Despite its ancient pedigree, Medos’s popularity has not faded in Poland, where it command’s more than 10 percent of the liqueur market, according to a 1996 poll by the trade journal Rynki Alkoholowe. Natural honey from wild bees in forest areas is harvested and spices are added to give a rich honeyed flavour with a spicy edge. Medos is often drunk hot, however at normal temperatures it makes a fine accompaniment to a range of deserts or cakes. In warmer weather Medos can be enjoyed on the rocks.