Nemiroff 50


The strongest vodka in Nemiroff’s portfolio

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Ukraine

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Nemiroff 50°, known as Nemiroff Strong, is the “strongest” vodka in the portfolio of Nemiroff products. Deluxe spirit and artesian water of unique composition form the base of Nemiroff 50°. Hops, caraway seeds and honey are the additional flavouring agents used in the making of Nemiroff 50°. The hops give Nemiroff Strong a subtle, light hoppy aroma, the caraway brings a subtle aftertaste to the drink, while the honey smooths and balances the aroma and vodka taste. For the perfect composition of this product, the distillers chose the very best kind of honey, forest honey from the various forest herbs. Despite being 100 proof, Nemiroff Strong has almost no smell of alcohol.