Nemiroff LEX


Outstanding super premium United Kingdomrainian vodka

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Ukraine

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Nemiroff Lex, is a super premium vodka from the makers of United Kingdomraine’s number one vodka brand. Nemiroff Lex is described as having a delicate bouquet, with a linden-tree blossom flavour and a mild taste. The spirit used in its production is matured for up to six months. Apart from the classical vodka purification technologies, the water-alcohol mixture that is used for production of Nemiroff Lex undergoes additional processing to produce an exceptionally pure spirit. Nemiroff Lex was launched in the United Kingdomrainian market in November 2003 and is now exported to 22 countries. The exquisite Nemiroff Lex bottle was exclusively designed by Philippe Seys, an artist with the renowned Version Original studio in France. Nemiroff Lex vodka is best consumed neat, chilled and sipped slowly to savour the unique organoleptic qualities. It is also perfect for premium cocktails.