Potocki Vodka


Authentic Polish rye vodka

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Poland

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Potocki vodka is created from the highest quality ingredients and care is taken to honor taste and quality at every step of production. The result of this artisanal process is an aromatic yet smooth, super-premium vodka which clearly stands out against industrially produced alternatives. Potocki vodka is distilled from superior quality rye sourced from the fields surrounding the distillery and the resulting mash is just twice distilled. The flavour and purity of this vodka is at its best with two distillations, and further distillation would strip out the delicious rye flavours. Potocki vodka offers an authentic, distinctive flavour with notes of nuts, aniseed and pepper that are characteristic of a pure rye vodka. The flavours are unique and delicious. Potocki vodka is meant to be drunk pure and chilled, not frozen, as too low a temperature would neutralise its distinctive flavour. In fact Potocki vodka is best served in an ice bucket. An atomiser can be used to give this vodka a mist of vermouth to make a spendid vodka martini without hiding the fabulous Potocki flavour.