Unique, old style Polish vodka

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Poland

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Siwucha is an incompletely rectified or raw vodka from Poland. The name derives from the siwy (ash grey) colour of the liquid. Siwucha is one of the generic Slavic words for moonshine or home-brew. The name, Siwucha, was first used as a vodka brand shortly before World War I. In 1995 the Polmos distillery in Zielona Góra reintroduced it as a way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company’s foundation. Siwucha was developed by head distiller Elzbieta Goldyka using specially selected premium rye vodka and a dash of un-rectified barley spirit to replicate Polish vodka from a bygone era. The resulting vodka has a great rounded rye flavour with a sweetness and character of its own. Siwucha is aged in oak barrels then packaged in a unique corked and wax dipped 500ml opaque glass bottle. Siwucha was the first white spirit ever to be awarded the overall trophy (the most prestigious award available) at the International Spirits Challenge 2002.