Stolichnaya Elit


One of the world’s finest and smoothest spirits

  • Style: Spirit
  • Origin: Russia

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A super luxury Vodka with astonishing purity, elegance and simplicity. Elit’s unmistakable purity is the result of the highest quality ingredients, centuries-old traditions and above all, a unique and revolutionary ‘freezing’ filtration process, specially developed and patented by the SPI Group. This expensive, labour and time consuming procedure filters the spirit at sub-zero temeratures reaching -18 C, so that the liquid’s density increases causing all impurities to freeze aagainst the walls of the filtration tanks. These unwanted crystalline substances are then discarded from the distillate, allowing the selection of nothing but the purist of spirits for their select formaula of Elit.The result is a vodka like no other. A rare spirit that ranks among the finest and smoothest in the world, Elit. Very clean and neutral on the nose with just a hint of toasted grain. The initial mouthfeel is velvety yet light. As the vodka lingers in the mouth its characters unfold with classic notes of sweet aniseed and pepper, into a very long, soft spicy finish.